THAT Conference - Wisconsin Dells, WI

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have contacted us and asked questions and many of the questions have been asked a few times. So, here are the questions and our answers. If you have other questions not on the list, please let us know: [email protected]

Before the Conference


Q: How do I become a Counselor (Speaker)?

A: For more information, please see our Call for Counselors page. We welcome anyone regardless of background, skill level, or age to submit a talk proposal. We have both a professional and family track, where we encourage kids to teach other kids!

Q: Will I be paid to be a Counselor?

A: We do not pay any fees to our Counselors. Those selected as a Counselor will receive a full, 4 day ticket, 2 night hotel room (3 night max per family, base rate) stay at the Kalahari, all conference provided meals, and of course, some awesome swag!

Q: Will THAT Conference pay my travel expenses if I am selected to be a Counselor?

A: No. We are a conference run by a small team of dedicated volunteers. We do not have the financial ability to pay travel expenses for our Counselors outside of the 2 night room compensation (3 nights max per family, base rate).

Tickets & Food

Q: Help! My plans changed and I can't attend THAT Conference anymore! Can I get a refund on my ticket? Or transfer to someone else?

A: That's a bummer you can't attend anymore. If you can find someone to take your paid ticket, it can be transferred using the link in your ticket receipt email. If you encounter any issues doing this, email us at [email protected] If you absolutely cannot find anyone to transfer your ticket to, all cancellations will need to be initiated with an email to [email protected] Refunds will not be issued for requests received after July 4th, 2020. Please note that a processing fee will be applied per ticket refund as follows: $30 processing fee for all Professional tickets (4 day, 3 day, 3 day- no food), $10 processing fee for Pre-Conference, Family, and Pig Roast Only tickets.

Q: Can I grab a soda or coffee if I don't have a food ticket?

A: Unfortunately, no. The beverages are tied to the food ticket. There is ice water provided throughout the conference area for all to enjoy.

Q: I have a food ticket. Can my family eat with me?

A: Food from the buffet lines is limited to those with a food ticket. We ask that if your family wishes to join you for breakfast or lunch, they meet you in the seating area with self-provided meals. This ensures that we have an accurate head count for accounting purposes.

Q: What is the wristband I received at registration for?

A: If you received a wristband, it is because you have a food ticket. This wristband, along with your name badge, allows you full access to the breakfast, lunch, and social gathering food offerings; included are beverages in the buffet areas. Geeklings and Campmates should have received a Pig Roast Only wristband that will allow access to the Pig Roast on Wednesday night.

Q: Do I need to wear the food wristband the whole time?

A: Yes. These work much like the waterpark wristbands, except you need the food band to access the food buffets and not the wave pool. As this band is not transferable between individuals, we will place it on you during the registration process and we ask that you wear it the length of the conference to ensure that you are able to access the full benefits of your ticket. The Pig Roast Only wristband is the responsibility of the individual to place before arriving to that event.

Q: I have a no food ticket but would like to attend the Pig Roast. Can I purchase a ticket to that only?

A: Yes. A Pig Roast Only ticket is $50 per child or adult. One may be purchased on our Ticket page

Q: I have dietary restrictions. Will I be able to eat at the conference provided meals?

A: Yes! We've worked with the Kalahari to accommodate as many dietary restrictions as we can. There will be a special buffet line you may choose food from. Of course, you may also visit the main buffet to select food from there as well. Should you find yourself in need of assistance, please find a THAT Crew member. We'd be happy to assist!

During the Conference

Q: Can I buy THAT Conference swag? And when?

A: During THAT Conference you will be able to buy swag on site. We typically open the Trading Post on Tuesday afternoon and will keep it open until sometime between lunch and closing on Thursday.

Q: I ordered the wrong shirt size? Can I exchange it?

A: Sure. In order to ensure that we have shirts for all throughout the registration process, we ask that you wait until Wednesday afternoon to swap. Starting then, head to the Ranger Station and we'll exchange sizes when possible.

Q: When can my Geekling(s) decorate their badges?

A: Supplies for badge decorating will be available during Monday night registration.

Q: Can my Geekling(s) attend the keynotes?

A: We love that your Geekling(s) want to attend the keynotes! While they are aimed at the professionals in attendance, your Geekling(s) may attend with you. We do ask that they are respectful of their surroundings so as not to disturb others.

Q: Can my Geekling(s) attend sessions or events by themselves?

A: Unfortunately, no. All Geekling(s) must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian) in all of our family-based sessions and events.

Q: I'm a Counselor. Will I be able to practice my talk anywhere before I speak?

A: Yes. We have a quiet, dedicated room for our Counselors. You may stop in anytime if you need to practice or just need a quiet place to gather your thoughts. We do not mark this on any conference map as it is reserved for Counselors only. More can be found in our Camp Counselor Handbook. We'll do our best to remind you of this room at registration.

Q: I've never been to THAT Conference and am traveling alone. Will I be able to meet other people?

A: Absolutely! We encourage you to not only attend sessions, but become part of our community. Before arriving, we recommend becoming part of THAT Slack. We have a welcoming community that keeps the conversation going year round. During the conference, conversations can be found all over. Some of the best ones happen in the hallways between sessions. That's why we have 30 minutes between each session! You can also head over to Open Spaces for small group discussions on a variety of topics. After hour events are also planned for the night time hours specifically to encourage socialization and community building.

Q: I need to make changes to my hotel reservation or have questions about it or the resort. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact the hotel you booked at directly.

Q: What is Open Spaces?

A: Open Spaces is for everything that doesn't fit into a session. It's an informal space for small group discussion on any and all topics; tech related, personal interest, health, finance, etc.

Q: Who can participate in Open Spaces?

A: Anyone! Campers, Counselors, Geeklngs, Campmates, Sponsors. If you've got a badge, you can participate!

Q: When is Open Spaces open for discussions?

A: We'll formally open Open Spaces on Tuesday afternoon with kickoff happening during lunch that day. Session sign ups will begin Tuesday, when you can grab a post-it and get your session topic on the schedule.

Q: I've never been to Wisconsin. What is the weather like in August?

A: It's summer time in the Wisconsin Dells during THAT Conference. Average temperature is around 80 degrees. It can get quite humid and we love our mosquitoes.

Q: Where is THAT Conference held and how do I get there?

A: THAT Conference in held at the Kalahari Resorts and Conventions in the Wisconsin Dells, WI in South-Central Wisconsin. For more info on this and how to get there, please check out our Plan Your Trip page.

Q: What's the WiFi like?

A: We do our best to provide free WiFi throughout the convention center area. Areas outside of the convention area are subject to Kalahari provided WiFi.

Q: Does THAT Conference provide child care?

A: No. THAT Conference does not provide child care services during the conference.

Q: What is the dress code like?

A: We would like all attendees to be comfortable during the sessions at THAT Conference and we are at a resort. The dress code is casual but please be mindful that this is a professional community conference and, while not the primary focus, there are some family sessions included in the schedule so children may be in the conference areas. We do recommend to dress in layers as temperatures can vary throughout the conference area.

Q: When are the sessions held?

A: Half day and full day workshops are held as part of our Pre-Conference on Monday between 8am and 5pm. On Tuesday through Thursday, hour long sessions are held between 10:30am and 5pm. A Keynote address kicks off each day, followed by sessions from 8:30am to 10am. Family track sessions run concurrently with the professional sessions.

Q: I don't see my question here. How can I get my question answered?

A: Please email us at [email protected]