THAT Conference - Wisconsin Dells, WI

Attendee Handbook

Hi, and welcome to the awesome that makes up THAT Conference! This Handbook should have the answers you need to successfully navigate the rapids leading up to, and right on through, the big event in August. Even if you've been to THAT Conference before, things may have changed. This Attendee Handbook is your best source for up-to-the-minute guides on what to do and where to go. Check back periodically for updates as well, as we'll be answering Frequently Asked Questions as they come up.

If for some reason, this guide does not answer a question you may have, here are a couple resources that you can use to get you out of the woods:

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets for THAT Conference will go on sale April 13th on our tickets page.

The purchase of the ticket should be pretty self explanatory, but if you run into problems, hit us up on THAT Slack, Twitter, or via email with questions.

We are, after all, a Big Tent conference, and we want you to know that your families are not only welcomed, but encouraged to join us for Geekling sessions. Each family member requires their own ticket to THAT Conference; tickets can be purchased through the same link as the main conference tickets.

Update Your Info

To get the most out of your THAT Conference experience, take a moment to register at Once registered, you'll be able to build out your own personalized conference itinerary from the vast array of sessions available. During THAT Conference, you'll be able to carry around your personal itinerary on your mobile device using the THAT Conference apps available in the various mobile stores. Also, we encourage everyone to fill out their profile information; you'll be able to enter your networking information and include a photo of yourself.


When you get into town stop down at the registration desk. It’s located down in the main drag of the conference center and you won’t miss it. Early registration and our Meet and Greet start at 6pm on Monday. We’ll see over 1000 campers of all ages show up at our campsite, so stop on by and say hi! We’re expecting that our queuing theory algorithms probably aren't completely optimized, so there might be a line. But this is a line of your peeps, your fellow campers, and folks you'll be around for the next three days. Get to know 'em.

Mess Hall

Your THAT Conference ticket gets you into the Mess Hall, our grand meeting area. In the Mess Hall, campers with a food ticket will gather each morning for breakfast and then everyone will be inspired by our morning Keynote speaker. Our keynoters are thought leaders from both inside and outside technology, but always with a motivational message to get us hungry for self and world improvement.

Gather in the Mess Hall during lunch to reflect on the morning with new colleagues and friends. We know that you brought all your co-workers along, but we encourage you to use lunch as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and meet new folks.

What would a Summer Camp be without some great outdoor cooking, done indoors? Wednesday night is our famous Pig Roast, where our attendees can get together and feast with their ticketed family members and really bring everyone together for a wonderful celebration of community.

Note, dinner is not provided Monday or Tuesday nights, but we've got you covered there too. THAT Conference has partnered with many Kalahari restaurants to offer our attendees discounts. THAT Conference attendees receive a 10% discount at the following restaurants within the Kalahari. You must show your THAT Conference badge to receive the discount, and the offer is not valid with other coupons or for alcohol.

  • Great Karoo Marketplace Buffet
  • Ivory Coast Restaurant
  • Wisconsin Brew Pub
  • Safari Snacks
  • Zulu Grill
  • Zanzibar

NOTE: The 10% discount does not apply to Double Cut, Java Manjaro or the Indoor Theme Park.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to create the best technology events you’ve ever experienced. We are committed to diversity. and will not stand for harrassment of any kind, but we cannot do this alone. We need your help and support in our mission. Everyone is expect to abide by our Code of Conduct, and if you witness something please tell one of our staff members, so we have an opportunity to address it.