Angular, Backbone, and Knockout are Great. So Why Choose React?

THAT Conference 2015
Day: Mon, Aug 10   Time: 4:00 PM   Location: (map)
Level: 200  Primary Category: Web  Secondary Category: 
Tags: Web, javascript, MVC, SPA, Frameworks, react, Flux, isomorphic, Components
There's a stunning amount of competition in the JavaScript space. Perhaps you already have a framework you love. I'm here to make you think twice. React with Flux offers a variety of novel ideas that will completely change the way you look at client-side development. Virtual DOM, Isomorphic rendering, unidirectional data flows, and JSX are a few of the unique features we’ll explore. In this session we’ll dissect an application that puts these novel selling points to work. Many of the largest websites in the world are using React including Facebook, Paypal, Netflix, and The New York Times. And in this session, you’ll see why.