Introduction to Sonic Pi

THAT Conference 2015
Day: Mon, Aug 10   Time: 4:00 PM   Location: Cypress (map)
Level: 3rd Grade – 5th Grade (and up)  Primary Category: Family  Secondary Category: 
Tags: Music, live programming, learn to program
Do you like to create your own music?  Would you like to make some music and learn how to program at the same time?

Let's learn with Sonic Pi!

Sonic Pi is a music creation environment that uses Ruby to program the music that you dream up!  We will talk about the basics of getting around the Sonic Pi environment and along the way learn some programming basics.  We'll learn how to use samples and synthesizers, create loops, play chords, and have a fun time.  We'll even learn about live programming and how the Sonic Pi environment can help you create your own musical show!

This is a hands on, family oriented session.  Sonic Pi is available for Mac, Windows, or the Raspberry Pi at  Having fun during this session is highly encouraged!

Presentation materials can be found at