Look Ma, I'm on TV! Developing Apps for the Chromecast

THAT Conference 2014
Day: Wed, Aug 13   Time: 2:30 PM   Location: (map)
Level: 200  Primary Category: Web  Secondary Category: 
Tags: javascript, HTML5, Google Chromecast, Google Chrome
Thanks to the introduction of the Google Chromecast, it has never been easier to build compelling
experiences for the living room TV set. With a surprisingly low device cost of $30 and a remarkably
robust SDK, Web developers can build Chromecast applications from the ground up simply using HTML 5,
CSS and JavaScript, as well as adding Chromecast features to existing Web, iOS and Android apps.

After attending this talk, you will walk away having learned:

* the capabilities and development architecture provided by the Chromecast.
* how to stream your hosted media to a Chromecast.
* the JS API provided to control a Chromecast from within a Web app.
* instructions for deploying and publishing a your own made-for-TV application.

Jump ahead of the pack and try developing on this exploding platform now!