Camp Flashlight Neopixels Hands-On Workshop (even better than last year)

THAT Conference 2019
Day: Mon, Aug 5   Time: 3:00 PM   Location: (map)
Level: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade (and up)  Primary Category: Family  Secondary Category: IoT/Maker
Tags: Arduino, Loops, Neopixel, KidsCode
Come on in and learn to code an Arduino to light up a ring of Neopixel lights. We will make the lights blink and chase, and change colors. Then we will add to the fun by adding a sound detector and programming the Neopixels to react to the beat of the music. It’s up to you how the lights will react, you can make them blink, chase, change colors, or dream up your own reaction.  We will do a little wiring to get the Arduino and Neopixel ring setup. It’s all hands-on fun. Bring a laptop (A Windows laptop works best if you have that available.) to code along with us. If you want your own Arduino, Neopixel, and sound sensor you can order them below. (If you came last year you can bring your equipment from last year and purchase the sound detector.) I will have a few Arduino’s and Neopixels to share if you don’t bring one in (you will need a laptop though). (Recommended for ages 7 and up. All students must have a parent present.)

Neopixel Ring:
Sound Sensor:

[Click Here to see what we will be creating.]( )

NOTE: If you have a small pliers, male to female jumper wires (you will need three), or arduino stack headers (you can use two of them) - please bring them along. We will have them available for attendees.