Building Connected Experiences with Particle. (Aka #BadgeLife)

THAT Conference 2018
Day: Sun, Aug 5   Time: 8:30 AM   Duration: 4 hours   Location: (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: Precon  Secondary Category: IoT/Maker
Tags: IoT, Particle, maker
The Internet of Things is about connection. Not just connecting dumb devices to the digital world, but also connecting us in new ways to one another. Many consider IoT to be a buzzword, and yet it’s being leveraged every day to open up new business opportunities and help get people connected in homes, cities, labs, schools and a million other places, around the world.

But IoT can also be a lot of fun! Connected solutions are used every day to solve hard problems, but one of the best ways to learn how to build those solutions is through play, which is what this workshop is about: exploring the ins and outs of building real IoT solutions though the construction of a connected conference badge. That’s right, it’s time to being #BadgeLife to That Conference.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a working, Particle-powered badge that will set you apart for the rest of the conference, and which you’ll use to participate in a live scavenger hunt during the event. Even better, you’ll walk away with all the tools you need to build your own connected solutions with Particle. 
You’ll have fun. You’ll learn something. You’ll get some free stuff. What more could you ask for from a workshop?
## What you'll learn
- How to differentiate between the types of Particle hardware and ideal use cases for each
- The ins and outs of the Particle platform, from Device OS to the cloud
- How to read sensors, perform calculations, and leverage the Particle Device Cloud to surface data to the outside world.

## What you'll get
- A connected conference badge that will set you apart
- Access to goodies and other prizes via a in-conference connected events and activities

## Workshop Prerequisites
For this workshop, bring your laptop. In addition, do the following, in advance:
1. Create a [Particle account]( if you don’t already have one.
2. Install the Particle Mobile App for [iOS]( or [Android](
3. Install the [Particle CLI](
4. Install the [Particle Desktop IDE](