Women in Tech Discussion - Let's Hear It for the Girls

THAT Conference 2018
Day: Mon, Aug 6   Time: 6:00 PM   Location: Mess Hall (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: Soft Skills  Secondary Category: You Can't Put a Label on Me
Tags: Education, women, gender, girls, bias, non-profit
By 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs available in computing-related fields. US graduates are on track to fill 29% of those jobs. Women are on track to fill just 3%.
In 1984, 37% of computer science graduates were women, in 2015, only 18% were women. 
Women in Technology Wisconsin was founded in 2014 to help reverse this trend. Come hear what is being done and how you can help in spire the next generation of developers.