Functional Programming in JavaScript

THAT Conference 2018
Day: Wed, Aug 8   Time: 10:30 AM   Location: (map)
Level: 200  Primary Category: Languages  Secondary Category: Web
Tags: javascript, Functional
Functional programming can be a new and intimidating topic for folks, especially those who have been professional object oriented programmers building great things. The concepts aren’t hard, but thinking functionality when coming from an OO mindset can be difficult.

In this talk, we are going to talk about functional programming using JavaScript. We will introduce the benefits of functional programming. Techniques such as pure function and immutability will be delved into. We will talk about the negative impact of side effects and global variables. Finally, we will examine the use of the main functional keywords in JavaScript; map, reduce and filter. 
Come jump into the world of functional programing with JavaScript in this demo filled presentation.