Do virtual Mosquito bites itch? Scratching your way into the world of mixed reality.

THAT Conference 2017
Level: 100  Primary Category: AR/VR  Secondary Category: Mobile/Client
Tags: HoloLens, Virtual reality, augmented reality, Windows Holographic, Mixed Reality
Mixed reality is quickly moving into the realm of Mass Market, and there are lots of opportunities to be involved in the early stages.  With Microsoft including the Holographic Platform in the upcoming Creators Update, and devices coming to market in the next 6 months at around the $300 - $400 price range, there is a very real possibility you and your friends may soon be immersed in the world of mixed reality.  

This talk will go over the following:

What is mixed reality?
What is needed to develop on the Holographic Platform?
Where can I get help when I get stuck?
What tools are out there to make my life easier (or at least my holographic development)?
What cool things are others building today?
What does the future of this platform look like?