Big Problem, Tiny Solutions: Handling the IoT Data Deluge with Cloud Based Microservices

THAT Conference 2016
Day: Mon, Aug 8   Time: 4:00 PM   Location: (map)
Level: 300  Primary Category: Cloud  Secondary Category: UX/UI
Tags: Cloud, IoT, Architecture, design, Microservices
As businesses increasingly look to leverage products and services that transmit data 24/7/365, traditional application architectures are proving unable to respond to these demands in a cost effective manner.  In this talk we will look at the challenges around handling an ever increasing, always-on data flow, and how leveraging a microservices architecture can manage these challenges in a cost effective manner.  We will consider the trade-offs between SQL and No SQL data storage, the benefits of using a service bus for inter-service communication and the challenges around designing and implementing microservices.  This talk is based on a real implementation using Microsoft Azure, C# and AMQP’s MassTransit/RabbitMQ service bus, but will focus primarily on design and architecture and is therefore widely applicable beyond this specific tech stack.