THAT Conference - Wisconsin Dells, WI

Who to Say Hi to During THAT Conference

Clark Sell

Founder & Practitioner

About Unspecified

At Unspecified, we build product that builds communities. We’re a small, proud, hard working boutique software development shop who’s passion for software development and people have converged. It’s our mission to create software that connects people in a deeper, more meaningful way.  We build websites, we build devices,  we build services to support business, we make software to support people.We also provide a few consulting services for business in need of senior level development experiences. Executive coaching, architecture and product design, delivery management, and training.

Spring Grove, IL

Our Goals

  • Goal #1, ensure another successful completion of THAT Conference. We are deeply committed to the success of THAT and the community which surrounds it. Above any other goal we’re here to help make it a continued success.
  • Launch our new product - Message Rooster.
  • Connect with other startups and small business owners who are looking to expand their overall network and share their stories.
  • Create new business partnerships and even solidify new services business.

Job Listings

Web and Graphics Designer

Creative types, sharpen your pixels, list your points, but we want you to join the team at Unspecified helping us capture the heart and souls of our users. With your creative left brain helping our right brain together we can make some epic together. From the THAT Conference event design, customer Websites, Social Media campaigns, and product branding and UX there is no shortage of creative work.

Web Developer

The Web Development life if one that moves fast, changes often and never looks back. We’re looking for an individual who isn’t afraid of the new, and is eager to be a practitioner of web development. We primarily work in React, Svelte, GraphQL, REST and Node.js.

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