Meet That Geek

The following volunteers have worked tirelessly to make THAT Conference a reality, from the beginning of planning, through the conference and when the bills come due after. We can’t do any of this without everyone’s dedication.

Interesting in joining this motley crew? Reach out to us and let's see where you can help.

That Core

Clark Sell

Scoutmaster and Counselor-in-Chief

Carrie Sell

Scoutmaster and Counselor-in-Chief, aka The Real Chief

Brett Slaski

Master of All Tasks and Clark Duty

Keith Burnell

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Greg Levenhagen

Camp Sponsorships and Bacon

Kevin P. Davis, Ph. D.

Communications and Camp Skits

George Roberts

Registration and S'mores

Brandon Martinez

Social, PotatoChop, and Camp Historian

Angela Dugan

Gaming Hoopla and Merit Badges

Extended Team Includes:

Mat Bolwerk, Brad Candell, Samantha Dahlby, Keith Dahlby, Aaron Douglas, David Dugan, Sharon Cichelli, Curtis Gibeaut, Lance Larsen, Jason Rotello, Al Zaudtke, Tricia Burnell, The Sell Family, The Burnell Kids

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