Intro to Programming with Text Adventure Games

THAT Conference 2015
Day: Tue, Aug 11   Time: 10:30 AM   Location: Banyan (map)
Level: 400  Primary Category: You Can't Put a Label on Me  Secondary Category: 
Tags: Games, kids, programming
Learning to write code is easy if you start with the basics.  Unfortunately, the basics can often be boring, making it hard to stick with programming.  Not true of Text Adventure games!  In this session we’ll learn how to build games using only five basic concepts of programming: variables, while loops, if statements, keyboard input, and screen output.  It is super easy, and will teach you the basics you need to get started in programming.  Students will learn C# are encouraged to bring a PC laptop with the FREE Visual Studio  Community Edition already installed.
(NOTE: For Mac users we could also provide a Python option, maybe)

Emily Davis is 13.  This is her second year presenting at That Conference.  She has read over 100 Star Wars novels, plays the viola, and loves Minecraft.