Robotics Camp - The Finale - Day 3

THAT Conference 2014
Day: Wed, Aug 13   Time: 10:30 AM   Location: Banyan (map)
Level: 6th Grade and up  Primary Category: Family  Secondary Category: 
Tags: robots, Vex Robotics, Vex IQ, ROBOT-C
(... we rejoin our campers in the midst of the final competition ...)
"Awesome! How did you pull that off?" you cry, as Gregg expertly navigates the obstacle and drops the 3rd red brick onto the stack. "Sheer luck, I think," he responds, with a smile from ear to ear. The mechanical side of things had come together expertly over the last couple days, and the team is skating through the manual achievements as Josh and Margaret watch nervously.

"Automatons Assemble!" announces the Captain. Josh and Margaret walk over to upload the automaton 'brain' into the robot. Clearly 'the C is with you' this day, and the hours in the simulator have paid off. You watch the robot effortlessly scan the field and collect blocks, stacking them just as the team had planned. "I knew ya' had it in ya" smiles the Captain as he hands you the coveted 'Mastery Level 3' ribbon. You can't believe the experience is over, and watching the other teams presentations and solutions, you are amazed at the number of different ways the same problem can be solved. The teams have been pushed hard, but it was all worth it. You can't wait to share the experience with your friends at home, maybe you'll be back next year, maybe not, but you'll never forget your time at Robotics Camp.
NOTE: Campers planning to participate in Day 3 are required to have participated in Day 2.  All are welcome to come in and observe, but please reserve workspaces for those participating in the challenges.

-Group Q & A
-Robot Virtual Worlds
-Lunch on your own (~11:30AM - 12:30PM, camp room closed)
-Goal Achievement
-Team Presentations

Important Notes:
Participants will get the opportunity to work directly with VexIQ robotics kits during the sessions, but will NOT receive a kit to bring home with them. There will be a limited number of kits available for purchase by camp attendees on a first-come, first-served basis at the end of the conference.

Participants will also have the opportunity to work with the Robot Virtual Worlds software and the Robot-C development environment. There will be a limited number of 'camp stations' providing access to the software. Attendees who wish to use their own hardware should bring along a laptop.

All kits and camp-owned computing resources will only be available during normal session times. Attendees are encouraged to partake of the other great conference experiences outside of the normal session time slots.