Building Screaming Fast Websites on the Cheap Using Gatsby.js

THAT Conference 2019
Day: Wed, Aug 7   Time: 4:00 PM   Location: (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: Web  Secondary Category: 
Tags: javascript, Static Sites, react, Gatsby.js
Every year, computers and networks get a little faster, but your favorite websites, not so much... We have cars that can drive themselves, but it takes 20 seconds to load up The Verge. We can do better. Not only can we do better, but we can do better without breaking the bank. Enter Gatsby.js. With Gatsby.js, you can spin up a web site in about ten minutes that loads instantly.

Gatsby excels at content heavy sites like blogs, but since it's built on React.js, you can also hook it up to APIs and use it to build your next great startup idea. In this talk, you'll learn how to build your own website using Gatsby.js. You'll learn about how to get started and where to host and deploy your new site. By the end, you'll be able to build a blazing fast site using Gatsby.js.