Finding Your Way to a Microservices Architecture

THAT Conference 2018
Day: Mon, Aug 6   Time: 10:30 AM   Location: (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: Architecture  Secondary Category: Cloud
Tags: Architecture, Services, Microservices, micro
We have all encountered those “wild” applications – those monolithic applications built years ago. It’s a mystery as to how they are still running and still processing today. These applications are only touched and deployed for bug fixes. That old deployment process alone makes you want to run and hide. How can we turn these wild beasts into tame creatures that are not scary and are more approachable? Well, by breaking down the monolith into micro units.

Microservice architecture is a collection of independently deployable small services, each running a fine-grained process and having lightweight protocols. We’ll break down what that all means and how to see the forest through the trees to get from mono to micro. We’ll assess the path to take and discuss some useful tools you might need along the way to create this suite of services. As always, there are some pros and cons to cover. In the end, you should leave with a better impression on how to tear your monolith into microservices.  Let’s make developing and deploying enjoyable again!