Spy on Another Camp! Inspiration from Innovation in Museum Technology

THAT Conference 2018
Day: Mon, Aug 6   Time: 4:00 PM   Location: Guava (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: AR/VR  Secondary Category: Tools
Tags: Innovation, inspiration, ChatBot, ar, vr, Hologram
Museums and cultural institutions are using VR, AR, holograms, chatbots, and more to engage people with their content.  Innovation in another field can spark ideas for innovation in your own work.  Come be inspired by how museums are using digital tools to share their stories and connect with people.  Along with my experience working in museum technology for 6 years, I’ve collaborated with other museums and colleagues on projects and idea-sharing.  I’ll discuss examples from my work at Shedd Aquarium, including underwater 360 video creation and using VR headsets, as well as a range of trends in technology across museums and cultural institutions:
•	Teleprescence robots visiting museums
•	Data visualization to explain science concepts
•	360 tours of museums 
•	Text messaging a museum to receive artwork 
•	Virtual reality experiences to visit historical places and “participate” in history  
•	3D holograms of people that respond to any question they are asked
Plus, I’ll share suggestions for following museum technology trends in the future.  Leave inspired and motivated to go back and innovate in your own field of technology!