Seeing the forest for the trees: Building Fully Featured HTML5 Mobile Apps

THAT Conference 2014
Day: Mon, Aug 11   Time: 1:00 PM   Location: Portia (map)
Level: 200  Primary Category: Mobile  Secondary Category: 
Tags: javascript, Native, css, HTML, PhoneGap, KendoUI
Another year, another summer camp, and the war rages on in the battle between native vs. web mobile apps. While web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) continue to reach new heights in popularity, their usefulness when creating mobile apps is still questionable.  Many concerns exist: performance issues, responsiveness, mimicking a native UI, and more. 

In this talk, I'll demonstrate that 2014 is THE year for web-based mobile application development.  The "write once, run everywhere" mantra for web may have been a pipe dream once but not anymore.  Using tools like KendoUI Mobile to create native UIs and PhoneGap Build to build the same app for different platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8) in the cloud, I'll walk through the process of creating a sample app.  Along the way, I'll address all concerns, using my experience building my own successful PhoneGap app as a backdrop.