JSON Web Tokens With Auth0 For Your Microservice Architecture

THAT Conference 2017
Day: Mon, Aug 7   Time: 2:30 PM   Location: (map)
Level: 300  Primary Category: Web  Secondary Category: You Can't Put a Label on Me
Tags: Web, Architecture, SPA, api, authentication, microservice, OAuth2, Auth0, JWT
What an exciting time to be a software developer! We have so many great technologies to choose from. Docker, .NET Core, Kafka, and don't get me going on the JavaScript choices! But if you want to build anything, you have to think about security and how you are going to manage user authentication and identity. Will you do basic auth (I hope not)? Will you try to roll your own (oh please, no)? Let me help you walk back from the ledge and introduce you to another way to solve for user authentication not only for your user facing website, but for your collection of APIs and even how to scale out leveraging JWT based authentication to your enterprise.

In this talk, I will explain what a JSON web token (JWT) is and how using it to authenticate and identify a user works. I will explain what OAuth2 grants are and which grant type is for what authentication scenario and I will explain how to integrate this technology into your API solution(s)/enterprise. I will also share with you my experience in deploying this with Auth0 and how to troubleshoot/debug it every step of the way.

When my talk is over, I hope you will understand what JSON web token is, how its used in OAuth2 grants and how to apply it to microservice architecture.