ROBOTS: training geeks of the future

THAT Conference 2016
Day: Tue, Aug 9   Time: 3:00 PM   Location: Aralia (map)
Level: 6th Grade and up  Primary Category: Family  Secondary Category: You Can't Put a Label on Me
Tags: robots
Who loves robots? This session will introduce the audience to FIRST Robotics, a competitive robotics sport with thousands of high school and middle school robotics teams around the globe. Learn how FIRST Robotics has impacted people of all ages. We will talk about the many components of building/programing robots and how that prepares students for real life. We will be talking about the similarities between real-life deadlines and the six week build season for the “varsity” level of FIRST Robotics, FRC. This program is a great experience for all students and their parents, teaching them the valuable skills that they will later use in life. 

This year, the game is FIRST Stronghold, a medieval, castle siege game with robots crossing defenses and scoring boulders(dodgeballs) into the opposing tower. In this session you will see the competition robot used by Team 2052 KnightKrawler of Irondale High School in New Brighton, MN.  Students will share their experiences as a team and what it is like to compete at the World Championship. Come join us for a fun, robot filled talk on how high school robotics teams are training the nerdiest of the school, to be the best engineers and programmers.

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